After reading chapter 1.1 in Patrick Hurley, A Concise Introduction to Logic book and Lecture # 1, please post to this required forum the following. Each student must post three (3) examples of each type/kind of sentence. Use the reply function below. These example sentences should be novel (avoid using examples from the book, Lecture # 1, et cetera). Be creative is supplying one’s example sentences. Each student should post eighteen (18) sentences with clear labels indicating to which category each sentence belongs.

3 examples of statements/informative/declarative sentences

3 examples of directive/imperative sentences

3 examples of expressive/exclamatory sentences

3 examples of interrogatives (exclude rhetorical questions)

3 examples of speech acts/performatives

3 examples of rhetorical questions (which are classified as statements)

Total = 18 sentences

Remember that the slashes between the sentence labels indicate alternative names or labels for each kind of sentence. But keep in mind that they are the same category. For example, speech acts = performatives, they are the same kind, class, set, category. There are not two categories: one for speech acts and one for performatives.

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